How to get to our hostel from JR kobe station.

1.When you get your ticket checked after you leave the train, look for the Vierra exit. If you look up you should see a sign pointing to it. The station attendents due to lack of language may not be able to assist.

2. Once you exit through the Vierra exit, look to your left at 45deg. You should see an area with bicycles and buses. Head straight through the two and you should see a building that has an orange sign saying ‘LIXIL’. The sign is on the corner of the buildings at about the floor 3.

3. Head down that street on the left hand side and after passing two roads you should pass a LAWSON’s convenience store. Cross the road, turn left and follow the street down, stay on the right hand side of this street.

4. The first street on your right should be the street the hostel is on. Continue 30m and it is on the left. Note if you see the ‘Snkus’ convenience store you have gone too far.

How to get to our hostel from Kousoku Kobe station.

Go to the west exit and then go to number 7 exit(there is no lift and no escalator).
Super market is called ‘LIFE’ face 7exit.
Take a right at the first corner before the zebra crossing then go to the fourth corner and take a right.
Go ahead on street for a few secounds and you can get our hostel on the left hand side.



ビエラ神戸口の改札を右に出ると外にでて二股の道が見えます。バス停沿いの右側の道を選んで頂き直進。信 号を渡り右に曲がると二つ目の角を左に。LIXILの建物が目印です。そこをLOWSONが見えるまで2分ほど直進して下さい。2分ほど直進すると左の角 にLOWSONがあります。LOWSONの前の信号を渡り左に。一つ目の角を右に曲がると30秒ほどで当館が左に見えます。

阪急線・阪神線 高速神戸駅



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